5 reasons Punjabi people are the coolest

5 reasons Punjabi people are the coolest

Chandigarh city is densely populated with Punjabi people and having said that, undoubtedly Punjabi are coolest of all. To support this statement, we have jotted out five exclusive reasons that state the same. Have a look!

  1. They have a ‘Bindaas’ style of living their life.

When it comes to having a lifestyle, trust us Punjabi people are always leading the list with their easy-going and fun lifestyle. They donot think much before spending on their comforts. Be it Lassi or Patiala peg, they rarely care enough to think before spending.

  1. They are cool as ice.

Aggression and Anger might be one of the most recalled traits of our Punjabi mates, but when it comes to chilling and handling tough people, they can do it with the coolest minds. The only thing that turns their cool minds into hot blowing fire is dung being talked or done. Fair enough, a combination of eezy-peezy.

  1. Punjabis-foodies. Foodies-Punjabis.

Well,that’s how it goes in a city like Chandigarh where all the Punjabi mates are so very fond of Amritsari Kulche, Aaloo ke paraanthe and undoubtedly, lassi da glass.Having a king sized breakfast and then doing a kick-ass workout in the evening is the secret key.

  1. ‘’Saanu Ki’’

Normal people cry, crib and revise their mistakes. But oh! When you’re a Chandigarh- based Punjabi, all you have to do is sit back and relax thinking, Saanu ki!?

Worrying about what others think was never really a worry. Punjabis already knew this universal truth it seems.

  1. They listen to Punjabi songs that are addictive.

When it comes to enjoying music, Punjabis do it the best. With songs that not everyone can understand, but surely tap the feet to its beats, Punjabi music offers a variety of such kind. With all kinds of sohni mutiyaars and gabru jawaans being mentioned into the songs, makes it all the more appealing to Punjabis.

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