A Glance at Telecom Providers in Tricity

A Glance at Telecom Providers in Tricity

Today our dependency on mobile phone has grown manifold in comparison to few years ago. Let be an entrepreneur, Services provider, Vendors, Teacher, Student all has great dependency on mobile phones. Life seems to be at a stand-still if someone ever forget to carry his/her mobile phone. There are variety of reasons behind this dependency; a student might want to share his/her study notes or games, Vendor want to stay in close touch with his/her end users and keep them posted about latest updates on his/her products/services, Entrepreneur need it to effectively run business, and so on. With this growing need and our growing dependency on mobile phones the telecom service provider try to attract customers with competitive offers. Many a times wrong commitments cause frustration to end users. Let us list out a few telecom providers operating in Tricity per their rating. The rating is based on customer experience based on below five areas

  1. Call drops;
  2. Poor Signal,
  3. ill manners of customer support,
  4. Easy and less costly plans
  5. Painful customer experience while disconnecting a service

BSNL: BSNL has improved a lot over the time in respect of call drops and signal strength. Though their customer support is not very friendly but not ill mannered. They don’t do wrong commitment and if you want to disconnect any service their system is very simple and easy. Based on these fact BSNL is placed at number one position. Their plans are less costly and easy to understand.

Reliance Jio: Though they too have call drops and fluctuating signal strength but they are likely improve it by the middle of this year. They have cheapest plans and easy to understand. To discontinue a service there is not much difficulty.

Vodafone: The call drops and signal strength is average. Their customer support is good. They have very easy to understand and cost effective post paid plans as compared to pre-paid plans. To discontinue a service there is not much hassle.

Idea: Though the call drops are less but their signal is pathetic while in basements or in elevators. Their plans are fine but customer support is not very helpful in other words non-friendly.

Airtel: There was a time may be 4-5 years ago or more when Airtel was seen as best alternate but they are worst telecom provider in respect of all above five counts today. High call drops and poor signal will frustrate you. They have all those towers in TV commercials not in reality. They have highest call drops, pathetic signal strength. They have made their plans very complex to understand. You call their support or visit their showroom, support executive though may carry a smile on face but will get into an argument the moment you do lots of inquiries. If you decide to discontinue a service then they will make you cry. You will have to make several calls to disconnect your service. Most of the cases they will shift disconnection request few days forward and send you inflated bills.

In case you are unhappy with your service provider follow below simple steps to change your operator while retaining your existing number. There will be practically 10 minutes down time if you follow it as below

send an sms PORT yournumber to 1900

Instantly you will get a code. Go to new service provider the one you wish to choose along with ID proof and address proof (AADHAR will cover both) and fill up your application form. Your new provider will ask you to pay all dues. You can pay 3-4 days extra rent to be on safer side and get a receipt from them. Ensure to inform your new provider that you have paid all your dues so they can register your request. Don’t forget to carry new SIM issued by new service provider and registration number to call when change over happen. After 4-5 days you will get a message on your alternate number (if you have given) that your port request is completed. When you see no signal you can change to new SIM and call the registration number of new provider AND YOU ARE DONE.

Do share your thoughts in comment box below about your BEST and WORST Telecom Service Provider.

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