All You Need to Know About ‘WannaCry Attack’ Ransomware Virus

All You Need to Know About ‘WannaCry Attack’ Ransomware Virus

The city gets on high alert against the WannaCry Attack Ransomware Attack. The virus has so far affected more than hundreds of countries, organizations and businesses across the world. It’s high time for the city based companies, government and law enforcement agencies to update their systems to protect their data from the virus attack. The cyber cell of the Chandigarh and Punjab area has issued warnings about this virus attack to the department. But in case someone is attacked by the virus here’s what you need to do about it.

Ransomware Virus

Ransomeware is a programme or malware software that gets into the computer by downloading some link, encrypts its data and locks down the system. The owner cannot access it until he agrees to pay up the ransom of $300 Bitcoins. It is not guaranteed that after paying of the ransom the attacker will let you access your computer.

How to Protect yourself from the WannaCry Attack Ransomware Virus?

Any Windows operating system be it on your laptop/desktop/server/mobile/palmtop/ etc. are vulnerable to WannaCry Ransomware Attack.

Ensure that your Anti Virus is up to date otherwise update it right away for maximum protection.

Completely Ignore the Mails or messages which are carrying some kind of attachment or links for example .exe files. These kind of files are not to be opened strictly.

Download or open the files which are from authentic source.

Immediately create backup of your necessary files over an external hard drive backup device.

Use strong and unique passwords for every service you use. Avoid using same set of passwords everywhere.

Check with your IT administrator to make sure that every computer you use at work is completely protected from the Malware.

In case someone is hit by the the WannaCry Attack Ransomware Virus, the cyber cell of India has urged avoid paying ransom as it will encourage them to get out more ransom from the victims. The analysts have predicted these attacks are more likely to increase in future.

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