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Coworking space, Share Workspace in Tricity

Coworking space, Share Workspace in Tricity

You call it Co-working space, shared working space or shared work-space in Business Center is high on trend. We offers nicely crafted working space at Bestech Busines Tower which very prime location adjacent to Chandigarh International airport. This is an ideal place for Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, freelancers, Small teams, Large team, Work from home professionals and corporate Employees.
The biggest worry point for start-ups, Individuals, small teams; is high Internet bills, Power backup expenses, Furniture, interiors, House keeping, Electricity bills, Space rent and binding period etc. The professionals working from home do need to try this as this will help them to interact with other corporate and share business ideas. We have come with best solution for you to focus only on your work and we will take care of all other things. This will help you to grow your business and earn more profits.

The Co-Working space, Shared Workspace is very ideal for any Start-ups. Any start-up failure come with heavy financial losses apart from other losses which is very discouraging for start-ups to gear up for next innovation. The Co-Working space originally was very popular in Western countries but now with growing outsourcing and arise of great opportunities for professionals the shared Workspace is becoming more popular in Asia pacific. The prominent cities of India has shared Workspace culture high in trend. This not only protect you from lots of tensions where as it save lots of money results in rise in profits/ earnings. Some professionals work from home but at some point they feel like disconnected from society. Shared Workspace give them opportunity to interact with like minded professionals, shared their ideas, get ideas from other and widen their professional/social circle. We invite all Professionals to visit our Shared Workspace once. Do fix a meeting before coming to ensure you are attended by someone.

Everything About Draupdi Maumu Who Could be the Next President of India

The new president of India is going to be elected in the next month. So many candidates who could be the next president of India are doing the rounds including BJP veteran Najma Heptullah and Mahatma Gandhi’s writer grandson Rajmohan Gandhi. Many say Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided Jharkhand Governor and BJP leader Draupdi Murmu to be the party candidate.

Only few people know about Draupdi Maumu. Here are few things about Draupdi Maumu who could be the next President of India.

– Draupdi Maumu has been a two time BJP MLA from Rairakhol in Mayurbhanj. She has held several portfolios in the BJD-BJP coalition government between 2000 and 2004. She was given the Nilakantha Award for the best MLA in 2007 by the Odisha Legislative Assembly.

– Draupdi Maumu’s election is going to impact the BJP’s prospects in the next Lok Sabha polls in several states with significant tribal population. Her native district which is Mayurbhanj lies on the borders of West Bengal as well as Jharkhand. She will impact tribal votes majorly in the three states while also improving the BJP prospects in Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra.

– She was sworn in as the first woman Governor of Jharkhand in May last year. Maumu is also the first tribal to become the governor of a state in India.
– Draupdi Maumu comes from a Santhal tribal family in Uparbeda village in Kusumi block of Mayurbhanj district. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree. She has worked as a teacher and government clerk before joining the politics.
– Murmu’s election will help improve the BJP’s chances of winning the upcoming assembly polls in Odisha.

– Draupdi Maumu had lost her two sons and husband. She has one daughter who is married. In an interview after she was appointed the Governor of Jharkhand shared how she was completely devastated. But God has given her the strength to continue to serve the people.
– The choice of her being as a president will boost PM Narendra Modi’s new strategy to focus on Dalit and tribal votes.
– If Draupdi Murmu is elected then she will be the second president from Odisha after VV Giri.

Health Tips for different Blood Groups – Diet Plan

Health is a state of a person’s mind, body, spirit usually free from illness, injuries or pain. In other words, we can say that the person is healthy or has good health. Health mainly depends on the lifestyle and behaviour of the person that he/she adapts through exercise, good sound sleep, maintaining weight, personal care or hygiene, proper diet and avoiding bad habits. In fact a person’s health is his true wealth. Good Health is maintained by a proper diet which is a person’s basic need and keeps one healthier. Diet is based on nutrition of the food which a person consumes according to likes and tastes. It plays a significant role in quality of life, good health and longevity.

But What if Good Health Also Depends on Different Blood Groups?

A very interesting concept recommended by Dr.Peter D’Adamo a naturopathic physician. Humans with particular blood groups respond differently to specific types of foods they consumed. He had claimed that eat food that fit your blood groups. His assumptions of this blood groups diet plan are that blood groups are the reflection of one’s genetic structure.

This theory not only determines the eyes color, height, weight, hair but also the kind of metabolism the person has. So, the person of a particular blood group will respond best to specific kinds of diet. In other words diet plan based on blood groups could help in building good health.

Diet Plan for different Blood Groups

Blood Groups of ‘A’ – The people with blood groups of ‘A’ such as A+ and A- are recommended foods which includes wheat for good health. The wheat products such as breads, pastas, chapatis, bakery products and wheat noodles are good for this blood type.

People having Blood Groups of A can also consume green vegetables. Tea, especially green tea. Light pulses, lentils, fish in small amounts and fruits. Foods that are fresh, pure, and organic works best for various blood groups especially A. Avoid excess of heavy meats and dairy for good health. Dr. D’Adamo also prefers some exercises for blood groups of ‘A’ such as calming, centering exercise, like yoga and tai chi.

Blood Groups of ‘B’  The people with blood groups of ‘B’ (B+ & B-) should consume milk, curd, cottage cheese (paneer) and other dairy products. If they have less active lifestyle, then choose skimmed or low fat milk for balanced health.

People having Blood Groups of ‘B’ should avoid the consumption of chicken, wheat products, high glycemic foods such as rice, biscuits, semolina(sooji) and all purpose flour(maida). All the green vegetables and low sugar fruits are beneficial to health of these blood groups. Persons having Blood Groups of ‘B’ should do moderate physical exercise requiring mental balance, such as hiking, cycling, tennis and swimming.

Blood Groups of ‘O’ – Dr. D’Adamo says that blood groups of ‘O’ are the earliest human blood group. These blood groups have acidic constitutions that are more acidic than alkaline. The natural pH of the body is 7.4 and should be least acidic so as to work properly. But in their case acidic constitutions have to work harder to keep body health in balance.

So, people having these blood groups should avoid foods which produce acids upon digestion. Non vegetarian food, pickles, alcohol, fried food, dairy and excess of wheat and all purpose flour (maida). They should have all kinds of vegetables like leafy, rice, potato, Bengal gram (black channa). All kinds of lentils and fruits like melons for great health. Blood Groups O’s should do aerobics, martial arts, contact sports and running.

Blood Groups of ‘AB’ – The two blood groups of ‘AB’ group have compatibility with A as well as B blood groups. So, foods of both blood groups A and B will suit the body health. But keep a watch on the quantities of food which one is consuming. AB blood groups gains weight after their 30s. Take fewer amounts of wheat and dairy products. For this group, a combination of the exercises for blood groups A and B works best.

After WannCry there is new Variant named Petya Ransomware Emerged Spreading fast

Following the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, a new variant leveraging Petya ransomware emerged globally on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 starting in the Ukraine and spreading to millions of potentially affected people around the world. Machines which are up-to-date with Microsoft updates and security patches has a low probability of exposure. Unfortunately, this attack includes the ability to leverage one vulnerable machine on a network and propagate to other machines that were actually current. This has been reported second major ransomware attack in two months.

The malicious software will reach to machine through attachment or from melicious websites. The ransomware infects computers and then waits for about an hour before rebooting the machine. Thereafter it will started encrypting files on the computer. The ransomware takes over machine and will demands $300 as ransom. This ransom is paid in Bitcoins. This is not clear yet who is behind it, but thinkers assume someone who wanted the malware to look like ransomware. It is also guessed that the motive of this attack is destructive against Ukrainian Government. Security researcher Nicholas Weaver told cybersecurity blog Krebs on Security that ‘Petya’ was a “deliberate, malicious, destructive attack or perhaps a test disguised as ransomware”. Pseudonymous security researcher Grugq noted that the real Petya “was a criminal enterprise for making money,” but that the new version “is definitely not designed to make money.

This is designed to spread fast and cause damage, with a plausibly deniable cover of ‘ransomware’. The payment mechanism in the malware was inept to the point of uselessness because it has a single hard coded payment address, meaning the money can be traced. The requirement to email proof of payment to a webmail provider, meaning that the email address can be – and was – disabled; and the requirement to send an infected machine’s 60-character, case sensitive “personal identification key” from a computer which can’t even copy-and-paste, all combine to mean that “this payment pipeline was possibly the worst of all options (sort of ‘send a personal cheque to: Petya Payments, PO Box … ’)”

Steps once infected
Almost after one hour of infection Petya will reboot the computer. If you observe that you computer is infected, turn it off completely; Disconnect from Internet. Don’t think of paying ransome because the contact details provided may or may not be correct. Format your hard disk and reinstall operating system. Restore your files from backup.

Make sure you have genuine windows and all updates installed including all Microsoft security patches. Ensure good anti virus or Malware protection software is installed. Keep a good backup of important data. Don’t open attachment from unknown source. Understand well that nothing on internet is free now-a-days; everything comes packaged with something. Stay protected !!!!

All information above is based on web search and online authentic technical channels. Verify your self before acting in any way.

Facebook Rolls Out GIF Button – Here’s What You Need To Know

The social media giant Facebook has released GIF Format where the reply are about to get more animated. To mark the 30th Anniversary of GIF Format Facebook will allow the users to enjoy new GIF comment button that it began testing three months ago. Facebook also announced that almost 13 billion GIFs were sent on Messenger over the past year, with 400 million GIFs sent just on New Year’s Day 2017.

The GIF button will let people search and post GIFs from different services, like Giphy and Tenor, directly in the comments box on desktop browsers, the GIF button also displays trending GIFs, just like in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook added GIF support two years ago, but until now users had to enter the URL of a GIF hosted somewhere else. The GIF button makes the process a lot easier, especially on mobile. It’s currently only available for comments, but Facebook may eventually also make it available for News Feed posts because user demand for GIFs shows no signs of abating.

Facebook reportedly had support for GIFs ready for years before it was finally added, but was hesitant to deploy it because of the visual impact it would have on the News Feed. Despite the company’s initial reluctance, however, users kept finding workarounds to post GIFs. The lack of GIF support also gave other services like Imgur an advantage. Now Facebook has started embracing News Feeds with “richer” (some would say busier) media and in addition to GIFs, that includes auto-play videos and colored statuses.

For fun and to mark the anniversary of when GIFs were first introduced by CompuServe in 1987, Facebook is also running a poll asking users how GIF is pronounced, a debate that continues to rage on even though the creator of GIF, Steve Wilhite, has already declared his allegiance to the soft G.

Chandigarh in the Highest Rate of Voluntary Blood Donors in India

The city beautiful Chandigarh has the highest rate of Voluntary Blood Donors in the country. Not only this the city has witnessed a further increase in voluntary donors from 87% in 2013 to 93% till May this year.

As per the data of Chandigarh State Aids Control Society(SACS), the total collection of the blood in 2016-17 was 94,667 units. One unit of blood can save three lives at a time. As per the World Health Organisation, 1 % of the population donating blood is sufficient to meet the requirements. According to the sources, the project director, Chandigarh SACS shared that the city meet those standards as our voluntary donations are more than the national average of 80%. There are many camps from where they collect blood and most of the donors are college and school students.

Also, all the blood banks including at PGIMER, Government Medical College and Hospital, Rotary blood bank have component separator facilities. One of the doctors shared that soon the Government Multi Specialty Hospital (GMSH) in Sector 16 will also have this separator that allows separation of blood components like plasma, platelets and red blood cells from the blood. Though the collection of blood has increased over the years from 71,597 units in 2013 to 86,144 in 2017, myths and fears still exist when it comes to donating blood. The department of blood transfusion, PGIMER shared that they had done a survey in their blood bank on what prevents people from donating blood and found that one of the main reasons was fear of needles. Many felt that blood donation leads to weakness.

So, many wants to know what are the basic health requirements to become a blood donor? The doctor shared that the hemoglobin level in women must not be less than 12 and for men it should not be below 14.

The WHO recognizes that world over collection of blood from regular voluntary blood donors should constitute the main source of blood supply.

Reliance Jio is Offering 20% Additional Free Data – Here’s How You Can Get It

Reliance Jio is offering 20 percent Additional Free Data in a new offer. The new offer is applicable for both existing prime members and new customers. Reliance Jio is giving ‘The 20 Percent More Data Offer’ on purchase of select LYF smartphones. This Jio offer is valid for 10 LYF brand smartphones: Earth 1, Earth 2, Water 1, Water 7S, Water 8, Water 10, Water 11, F1, F1S and Wind 4S mentioned on the Reliance Jio Infocomm website. The 20 percent more data scheme will be applicable on purchases made on or after 9 June, 2017 and till stocks lasts.

The Reliance Jio has shared that if a new customer buys any of the above mentioned LYF smartphones and buy a recharge of Rs.309 or Rs.509 he or she will be entitled for one additional 4G data voucher of 6 GB or 12 GB respectively. The additional data under the offer will be credited within 48 hours of recharge.

The additional data vouchers can be availed for a maximum of six recharges during the entitlement period between June 9, 2017 and March 31st, 2018. In case of redeemed additional data vouchers, the data entitlement, if any, that remains underutilized at end of the recharge cycle period, will expire and be forfeited.

Here are the Steps to Activate the Additional Data:

-Put your Jio SIM in the eligible LYF handset you purchased.

-Download the MyJio application on the phone.

-Once you have installed the app, open My Jio App > My Vouchers > View Voucher > Recharge my number > Confirm Recharge > Successful Recharge Notification. Thereafter, the applicable additional data voucher will reflect under the My Plans section, according to the Jio website.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other alternative offer or promotion of a similar nature. However, the eligible subscriber will be entitled to avail the benefits under the company’s “Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan” scheme, till such time that it is available. If the eligible subscriber migrates from the eligible device to any other device, the offer benefits shall be discontinued.

RBI Announced New Rs 500 Currency Notes – Here’s What You Need To Know

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced new Rs.500 currency notes. The new notes will have some different features. The one noticeable feature of the new currency notes is the inclusion of an inset letter “A”. Besides, in the new notes the signature of the RBI Governor will be on the reverse side.

The main features of the Rs. 500 banknotes are:

– The size of Rs. 500 notes is 66mm x150mm

– Colour of the Rs. 500 notes is stone grey

– The Rs. 500 notes bear the year of printing and the Swachh Bharat logo printed and an image of Red Fort on the reverse side.

The banknote also has these features such as:

– Intaglio printing of Mahatma Gandhi portrait

– Ashoka Pillar emblem, bleed lines

– Circle with Rs 500 in the right

– The identification mark which enable the visually impaired person to identify the denomination.

Reserve Bank of India shared that In continuation of issuing of Rs. 500 denomination banknotes in Mahatma Gandhi (new) series from time to time which are currently legal tender, a new batch of banknotes with inset letter “A” in both the number panels bearing the signature of Dr. Urjit R. Patel Governor, Reserve Bank of India; with the year of printing ‘2017’ on the reverse, are being issued. RBI had also noted that some of the captioned banknotes would have an additional character * (star) in the number panel in the space between the prefix and the number.

The design of these notes is similar in all respects to the Rs. 500 banknotes in Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series, Reserve Bank of India added. The current Rs. 500 notes have inset letter E.

The central bank had demonetized old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes on November 8 last year. After that RBI introduced new Rs. 500 and 2000 currency notes.

According to sources last week Reserve Bank of India shared that nearly 83 per cent of the currency has been remonetized and denied there was any shortage of cash in the system. The data on the amount of demonetized notes returned, however, is still not available.

Shahrukh, Salman & Akshay in the List of World’s Highest Paid Celebrities 2017 – Forbes

Bollywood Actors and superstars Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar are among Forbes annual list of the highest earning entertainers in the world. The Forbes list of the World’s Highest Paid Celebrities of 2017 has been topped by American rapper and entrepreneur Sean Combs who is known by his more famous stage name ‘Diddy’, with earnings of 130 million dollars.

 Shahrukh Khan ranks 65th on the list, with the earnings of $38 million, tied with singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. Forbes shared that the King Khan continues to bank big from starring roles in Bollywood movies. He also cashes in on endorsement deals for dozens of brands most Americans have likely never heard of.

Salman khan is on the 71st on the list with $37 million in earnings, tied with English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Forbes shared that Salman continues to produce and star in films which earn well at the box office.

Akshay Kumar is ranked 80th on the list with earnings of $35.5 million, tied with musician Bon Jovi. Forbes shared that Kumar, a king of the Bollywood box office for over a quarter of a century, mints millions through both starring and ensemble roles.

The forbes list of the World’s Highest Paid Celebrities of 2017 also includes American singer and icon Beyonce on the second spot with earnings of $105 million. Author J K Rowling, with $95 million, is at number three. R&B musician Drake is at the number four spot with $94 million. Football star Cristiano Ronaldo ($93 million) rounded out the top five.

Forbes shared that together, the world’s 100 highest paid celebrities banked a cumulative $5.15 billion during the June 2016 to June 2017 scoring period.

While there are 10 male actors on the ranking, not a single female movie star made the cut, Forbes shared that women comprise just 16 per cent of the world’s top earning celebrities, an imbalance that reflects the gender pay gap in entertainment and beyond.

The 16 women on this year’s list earned a cumulative $822.5 million.


Chandigarh at Higher Risk of Diabetes – Here are Symptoms, Effects and Prevention

The residents of the Chandigarh at higher risk of diabetes. A study released last week had found that the overall prevalence of diabetes is 14 percent in Chandigarh highest in 15 states which were included. The poor of the city beautiful have also found having diabetes. The results have been found by the Indian Council of Medical Research Indian Diabetes study and published in The Lancet & Endocrinology.

The city beautiful Chandigarh has the highest per capita income, which means people here like stay indoors and are less involved in physical activity. This is the reason why the city has top in the percentage of diabetic cases. According to the doctors highest per capita income, genetic predisposition and huge number of migratory population are some of the reasons behind it. Physical inactivity, excessive intake of junk food which is rich in carbohydrates are the two main reasons behind diabetes. Let’s find out the symptoms, effects and prevention of diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic, metabolic disease which is characterized by elevated sugar levels of blood glucose which leads overtime to serious damage to blood vesels, kidneys, eyes and nerves. The common type is type-2 diabetes which usually occurs when the body become resistant to insulin or doesn’t make insulin in adults.

Diabetes Symptoms

Excessive excretion of Urine, thirst, weight loss, constant hunger, vision changes and fatigue. These symptoms can occur suddenly.

Effect of Diabetes

– The diabetes can damage the blood vessels, heart, kidneys, eyes and nerves.

– Combined with reduced blood flow, neurotherapy in feet increases chance of foot ulcers, infection and eventual need for limb amputation.

– Adults suffering from diabetes have a 2-3 increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

– Diabetic Retinopathy is an in important cause of blindness and occurs as a result of long term accumulated damage to the small blood vessels in the retina.

– Diabetes is the major cause of kidney failure.

How Diabetes can be Prevented?

  • Achieve and Maintain healthy body weight
  • Eat a healthy diet, Strictly avoid Sugar and Saturated fat intake
  • Be Physically Active
  • Avoid Tobacco Use
  • Diagnosis and Treatment

Early Diagnosis can be accomplished through relatively inexpensive testing of blood sugar. Treatment of diabetes involves diet and physical activity along with lowering blood glucose and the levels of other known risk factors that damage blood vessels.