Chandimandir Cantonment Panchkula

Chandimandir Cantonment Panchkula

The military Station of the Indian Army generally referred as Chandimandir Cantonment is situated at the foothills of Shivalik range in Panchkula. It is the headquarters of the western command of Indian Army. Chandimandir Cantonment is few kilometers away from the Chandimandir and Mansa Devi. The cantonment is one of the few modern military stations which has been built in independent India.The cantt is also a hotspot for flora and fauna. It is one of the few cantonments which have warbirds installed inside the area.

Established in 1960, Chandimandir Cantonment was built as the Indian Army’s western Army Command headquarters. Due to the shortage of space in the Simla the western command units were moved to Chandimandir. The trees surrounding the area were planted by the army. Chandimandir consists of Sectors A and B which are for its officer’s family quarters. Sectors C, D, E and F are for JCO’s and OR’s family. A large number of families also stay in Panchkula in hired houses. It has Pine marg as a residential area for senior officers. The Chandimandir Cantonment has an Auditorium which is called as Manekshaw Auditorium named after the Field Marshal Manekshaw. The cantonment also consists of a stadium, Raina stadium which is named after the former chief of the Indian Army. There are also many army units within its area. It also has the Western Command Hospital on the Chandigarh Kalka highway. Chandimandir Cantonment has three schools, two Kendriya Vidyalayas and Army Public School. The cantonment is a part of the tricity. Chandimandir Cantonment is a beautiful area, sculpture gardens have been designed inside it.

Near the main gate of the Chandimandir Cantonment there is a Khetarpaul Officer’s Institute which is called The Shakti Dwar. This is at the cantt’s  south opening onto the highway and leading to Panchkula’s sector 1 and 6. Apart from this the Chandimandir Cantonment area has small townships such as Bir Ghaggar and Gumthala. The semi-perennial river Ghaggar also flows through Chandimandir.

Chandimandir Cantonment is a restricted area, only army personnels or their knowns are allowed to enter this area.

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