Fathers Day Date 2017, History and Celebrations Around the World

Fathers Day Date 2017, History and Celebrations Around the World

Every Year, Fathers Day is celebrated throughout the world on various days. Most of the countries celebrate this day on the third Sunday of June. This year Father’s day occurs on 18 June, 2018. Fathers day is celebrated to honor the fatherhood, paternal bonds and the male parenting. People across the globe celebrate this day by offering gifts and spending time with their loved dads.

How did Father’s Day begin?

The exact origin has been disputed. Most believe it began with Sonora Dodd, from Washington, who came up with the idea after hearing the Mother’s Day sermon in 1910 and thinking (not without good reason) why the dads didn’t have their own day too. She and her siblings had been raised by their father after their mum died in childbirth. Dodd began a campaign and the rest is history.

Other people argue it was Grace Golden Clayton from West Virginia, who suggested celebrating the day in 1908. She apparently put the suggestion forward after a mine explosion in a nearby town killed more than 360 men – the idea being it was a day for children to remember their fathers.

Celebration of Father’s Day in India

India traditionally has a two-week celebration since ancient days dedicated to celebrate ancestors called the Pitrupaksha. Father’s Day is not celebrated in all parts of India. But is observed on the same day as the USA, the third Sunday of June by mostly westernized urban centers. The event is not a public holiday. The day is usually celebrated only in bigger cities of India like Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad and others. After this day was first observed in the United States in 1908 and gradually gained popularity, Indian metropolitan cities, much later, followed suit by recognizing this event. In India, the day is usually celebrated with children giving gifts like greeting cards, electronic gadgets, shirts, coffee mugs or books to their fathers.

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