Haryana Urban Development Authority Introduces New Water Tariffs in Panchkula

Haryana Urban Development Authority Introduces New Water Tariffs in Panchkula

From now on the residents will have to pay double the water bill. The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has introduced new water tariffs in Panchkula with effect form Thursday.

The new water tariff will affect in a way that from now onwards the family living in a 10 marla house which inhabits 4-6 members have to pay Rs.900 against a water bill of Rs.400 for two months. The industry is also going to pay four times more for the same facilities.

From Rs.1.25 per kilolitre in the lowest slab, the lowest rate now will be Rs.5 per KL. The commercial and industrial water tariff has been fixed at Rs.15 per KL against the current rate of Rs.4 KL. A KL is 1,000 litres.

The water tariff was not revised since 2001 and the cost to supply water is around 70 crore whereas the department just has Rs.15 crore. By hiking the rates the department will be able to collect around Rs.300 crore. Besides the water expenditure the rest remaining amount is spent on the maintenance of boosting stations, tubewells and water works.

HUDA under its new water tariffs has intimated to the group housing societies to install water meters soon. According to the new rules the water usage of these societies will be properly metered.

50% of Panchkula’s 250 societies were being charged flat rates. But under the new norms they will no longer be sent average bills from the next billing cycles. They will be charged Rs.10 per kilolitre after consumption of 30 kilolitres. Besides residential, commercial and industrial will also have to follow the same suit.

The HUDA Officals shared that the increase in water tariffs in Panchkula has been notified with the approval of state government. With this they will be able to narrow down their operational losses and will be able to maintain adequate water supply.

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