Health Tips for different Blood Groups – Diet Plan

Health Tips for different Blood Groups – Diet Plan

Health is a state of a person’s mind, body, spirit usually free from illness, injuries or pain. In other words, we can say that the person is healthy or has good health. Health mainly depends on the lifestyle and behaviour of the person that he/she adapts through exercise, good sound sleep, maintaining weight, personal care or hygiene, proper diet and avoiding bad habits. In fact a person’s health is his true wealth. Good Health is maintained by a proper diet which is a person’s basic need and keeps one healthier. Diet is based on nutrition of the food which a person consumes according to likes and tastes. It plays a significant role in quality of life, good health and longevity.

But What if Good Health Also Depends on Different Blood Groups?

A very interesting concept recommended by Dr.Peter D’Adamo a naturopathic physician. Humans with particular blood groups respond differently to specific types of foods they consumed. He had claimed that eat food that fit your blood groups. His assumptions of this blood groups diet plan are that blood groups are the reflection of one’s genetic structure.

This theory not only determines the eyes color, height, weight, hair but also the kind of metabolism the person has. So, the person of a particular blood group will respond best to specific kinds of diet. In other words diet plan based on blood groups could help in building good health.

Diet Plan for different Blood Groups

Blood Groups of ‘A’ – The people with blood groups of ‘A’ such as A+ and A- are recommended foods which includes wheat for good health. The wheat products such as breads, pastas, chapatis, bakery products and wheat noodles are good for this blood type.

People having Blood Groups of A can also consume green vegetables. Tea, especially green tea. Light pulses, lentils, fish in small amounts and fruits. Foods that are fresh, pure, and organic works best for various blood groups especially A. Avoid excess of heavy meats and dairy for good health. Dr. D’Adamo also prefers some exercises for blood groups of ‘A’ such as calming, centering exercise, like yoga and tai chi.

Blood Groups of ‘B’  The people with blood groups of ‘B’ (B+ & B-) should consume milk, curd, cottage cheese (paneer) and other dairy products. If they have less active lifestyle, then choose skimmed or low fat milk for balanced health.

People having Blood Groups of ‘B’ should avoid the consumption of chicken, wheat products, high glycemic foods such as rice, biscuits, semolina(sooji) and all purpose flour(maida). All the green vegetables and low sugar fruits are beneficial to health of these blood groups. Persons having Blood Groups of ‘B’ should do moderate physical exercise requiring mental balance, such as hiking, cycling, tennis and swimming.

Blood Groups of ‘O’ – Dr. D’Adamo says that blood groups of ‘O’ are the earliest human blood group. These blood groups have acidic constitutions that are more acidic than alkaline. The natural pH of the body is 7.4 and should be least acidic so as to work properly. But in their case acidic constitutions have to work harder to keep body health in balance.

So, people having these blood groups should avoid foods which produce acids upon digestion. Non vegetarian food, pickles, alcohol, fried food, dairy and excess of wheat and all purpose flour (maida). They should have all kinds of vegetables like leafy, rice, potato, Bengal gram (black channa). All kinds of lentils and fruits like melons for great health. Blood Groups O’s should do aerobics, martial arts, contact sports and running.

Blood Groups of ‘AB’ – The two blood groups of ‘AB’ group have compatibility with A as well as B blood groups. So, foods of both blood groups A and B will suit the body health. But keep a watch on the quantities of food which one is consuming. AB blood groups gains weight after their 30s. Take fewer amounts of wheat and dairy products. For this group, a combination of the exercises for blood groups A and B works best.

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