National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) Mohali

National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) Mohali

Established in 2010, National Agri Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) is a Agri Food Biotechnology Institute which aims at catalyzing the transformation of Agri food sector in India.

Spread over hundred acres, National Agri Food Biotechnology Institute is located in the knowledge city along with other research institutes. NABI focuses on research related to biotechnical tools in the area of Agriculture Biotechnology, food and Nutritional Biotechnology. Some of the activities taken at NABI under different areas include – Agricultural Biotechnology, Food and Nutritional Biotechnology, Human Resource Development, Meeting and Courses and Technology Transfer and Outreach. This institute has many strong connections with National and International organizations and industries. NABI has got the vision to be a leading institute for knowledge generation and translational science leading to value added products based on Agri Food biotech innovations.

Facilities at National Agri Food Biotechnology

– HPC Facility

– Plant Tissue Culture Facility

– Instrument Facility

– Library

Divisions at National Agri Food Biotechnology

– Agri Biotechnology – NABI has been working in the area of enhancing the quality of cereals for nutrition and processing, Genome editing, genomics and computational biology. The major areas which are given importance to are development of designer crops with high nutrition, increased shelf life and processing quality, Genomics & computational biology for marker and gene discovery, basic biology for crop improvement.

– Food and Nutritional Biotechnology – In summary, research efforts in Food and Nutrition Biotechnology division at NABI will open a broad horizon of training and knowledge development, spanning from the basic science to translational research of food and nutrition to clinical manifestations and validation of designer foods and nutritional interventions for better health. Following programmes would be strengthen in future.

– Post harvest improvement in storage and quality of Agricultural produce

– Functional foods and Nutraceuticals for better health

– Food and GM Crops biosafety

– Nutrigenomics for Health and Human welfare

– Human Resource Development

– Technology and Outreach

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