Peot Raising Funds on Facebook For Fellow Poet Fighting Cancer

Peot Raising Funds on Facebook For Fellow Poet Fighting Cancer

A theatre Artist and Poet from the city, Amy Singh is raising funds on facebook for a special cause. When she came to know about the fellow poet’s sudden diagnosis of blood cancer she became helpless. After which she decided to seek help from the facebook and posted “Anam is a beautiful human and a poet. A lot of us would have heard him recite his poems in many open mics. Anam is diagnosed with cancer and of course it’s sad beyond telling, for me to break this news… It is possible for us to help him! I lost my mom to cancer and I know how this battle is.”

Anam Narula is a 21 year old BSc student at DAV College Chandigarh who is not financially strong to get the expensive treatment. He is the only son of the two private firm employees from Faridkot. Anam’s family is able to raise nearly 3 lakhs. And as per the documents at the Christian Medical College ands Hospital, Ludhiana he needs Rs.25-30 lakh for a bone marrow transplant. Anam’s father took a loan against a plot worth Rs 5 lakh.

She is asked people on facebook to get in touch with her, “Any help, no matter how big or small means everything to Anam at the moment. This one is where I’m quite helpless on my own. Please help! However you can. In whatever manner you can!” It got some response. An hour later, around 9pm, she decided to use the one thing that she is known for in the city circles and beyond that is writing poems. Not for him, or just to raise his morale, but to raise money. Her new FB post read, “If there’s a poem you want to be written for your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your siblings, teacher, parents, friends, anybody to convey anything! Please approach me. I would love to write it. But I will charge you anything from 200-500 rupees per poem. Because I am donating this amount for Anam’s treatment, I will write you good poems. Trust me! And help us. Thank you. PS: Can poetry save life? Yes, it can!”

She says, “I thought I’d raise whatever little I could. Rs 15,000 max!” That was May 28. The figure stands at Rs. 12 lakh and counting as on June 1. As the post went viral on Facebook, she got about 100 requests. Upon her request and otherwise, she’s been joined in the task by other poets, most of them young, some of them superstars of the spoken word poetry movement in India. The poetry writing alone has gathered about Rs 2 lakh. But Amy sees that the rest of the money, coming through direct donations to Anam’s bank account or e-wallets, is because of the uniqueness of her pitch. A petition on the crowdfunding website has got amazing response.

On the poetry front many fellow poets big or small joined her in her cause. One photographer, Akshay Kapoor, has offered free shoots if you donate Rs 2,000 or more. On FB, he too underlined the power of poetry in what has fast turned into a movement.

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