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European Delegation to help in developing Chandigarh

A European Union delegation is on a five day visit to Chandigarh in a view to help city beautiful develop as smart, green city. It is under the World Cities Project of European Union that the delegation visited the city.

Various maters falling under regional and urban development are being thrown light upon. With an aim to contribute to better urban policy for the improvement of life quality, the delegation is studying urban planning especially non-motorised transportation, sewage treatment and waste management in the city.

The visit of Members of European delegation also includes a day at the beautiful Rock Garden. Discussions are expected to be held about the main challenges of Chandigarh on environmental management with a focus on bicycles, pedestrians and public transportation.

During 2015, the World Cities Project implemented several working meetings and study visits in China, India, Japan, Canada and Europe. We expect that the results of this visit yield some good changes in the city in order to proceed further on the path of speedy and sustainable development.

IT Park Chandigarh

Over the years Chandigarh city has been successful to excel in all the fields including technology, lifestyle and infrastructure. The biggest example of all is the Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park which has not only given the city a vision of economic growth but also led to a substantial increase in the employment opportunities of the city. The IT park hub is spread into an area of 63,065 acres of land and has globally leading companies as a part of it.
With the presence of IT park in Chandigarh the need of knowledge based society in the city is seen to be fulfilled to a major extent. It has been almost ten years and within this short span of time, Chandigarh has witnessed a substantial business growth and a lot more is expected in near future.
Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park also understands the need of sustainable growth and keeping in mind the same, during its formation in 2005 it laid stress on maintaining the green cover of the city.
This has made easier for the youth of Chandigarh city to find career opportunities within the city unlike before when each of the Chandigarh citizens had to consider moving out of the city for better growth opportunities.

5 Things to do when you are in Chandigarh

The aroma and spice of Punjab is rushing through the veins of every Chandigarhian and to make sure, we’ve got a glimpse of it for our readers.
1. Deposit a prayer at the Nada Sahib Gurudwara
The Nada Sahib Gurudwara is famous for having fulfilled all sincere wishes. Well, in the city and not acquainted with this spot? You MUST pay a visit and get a handful of wishes realized. Along with that a delicious langar should certainly not be missed.
2. Don’t forget to relish the runny-zesty golgappa
Sector 34 situated, Ram Chat Bhandar offers a variety of pani in the paani-puri. From hing pani to amrood pani it has all that a golgappa lover craves for! Being in Chandigarh one must not miss the taste of Punjab in every minute thing.
3. Keeping a watch over the gehri route
Chandigarh city has a lot more beauty than the nature’s aesthetic quotient. Patiala shahi suit, long braids by Punjabi girls and Kurta pyjama with an overgrown moustache famously known to be ‘Khundiyan muchchan’ by Punjabi guys are an everlasting trend that’ll never fade here. At gehri route including sectors 8,9,10 of Chandigarh, a detailed view is always visible.
4. Okay, now mark an end to gedi and reach Punjab University
At Punjab University, sipping the youthful cold coffee with oh! So yummy samosa almost seems like a ritual followed by almost everybody. Having a walk around the entire campus isn’t a bad idea at all.
5. Visit the garden of silence, Sukhna lake
Some choose to begin their day from here, while some prefer to rest their all day laboring minds at peace here. The Sukhna Lake provides an ambiance of serenity to the city dwellers. With the sound of flute and a pack of bhelpuri in hands, many make much important decisions of life here.