Trolling On Social Media – A Form of Cyber Crime

Trolling On Social Media – A Form of Cyber Crime

Social media with all its benefits has become very popular within last 5 years, for giving a platform to voice your opinion on certain public topics, discussions, social matters, Political topics etc. You can write your views/opinion and still keep anonymity of your identity. Social media is a good platform for voicing your opinion on certain topics. But there are majority of Trolling groups who can’t win an argument and will start using abusive, derogatory/foul language against those whose opinion does not match to theirs. These abusive trolls become an embarrassment, mental disturbance which some times lead to depression. Writing foul language is an easy task because writing a justified argument needs detailed understanding of the topic as well as intellect state of mind.

If you have social media account and like to voice your opinion on certain things then you should understand that you may be appreciated as well as trolled. It is just like you passing through a street in your car and group of dogs started barking at you. It will not be a wise thing for you to stop, get off your car ask every dog to shut off. You will have to start accepting things the way those are coming your way. People who troll are group of individual who if don’t agree with your opinion will use abusive language against you. If you are women then those abusive remarks will become vulgarer. The trollers take this liberty just because the anonymity of identity, location social media provide them. Trolling is such a thing that makes the victim feel traumatized, helpless, angry and very frustrated irrespective of the fact that one is taking it offensively or not.

Trolling is started by an individual and supported by group of individuals which give strength to a troller(s). It is just like a mob attacking someone on the road, how embarrassing and scaring experience it would be for the person being attacked. Same is the case on social media. It may not be physical assault on someone but it is a way bigger mental attack which traumatize the person being trolled. Trollers make other person feel completely useless or unworthy, they try to dominate the victim with their tactics, wit or sarcasm. Slowly and steadily with full force they attack the victim’s friends and family with the effort to put down their reputation in the society. They feel a sense of satisfaction, relief and sometimes a feeling of pleasure in humiliating someone.

Some Precautions

1) If it is not that important then don’t have a social media account Facebook in particular. But if it is important for you to have an account then make sure that you add only people whom you personally know, you know their family and their habits matches to yours. Don’t just join any group you see.

2) Don’t get into the race of adding number of people to your account for show off, this will have serious repercussion for sure. This step is very important for girls. When you are adding girls to your account still ensure you know them. Nothing can stop a boy to create an account with girl identity.

3) In Facebook you can allow only your friends to post on your timeline and tag you result in blocking everyone else. This will help only if your friend list is chosen wisely. Go ahead and unfriend whom you have not spoken over the phone for one month or long.

4) If you feel you are getting victimized by a trolling group, go ahead and disable your account immediately temporarily. You can enable it again after a pause of few month.

5) Avoid getting into discussions or topics for which you lacking knowledge. It is not wise to pock your nose in everything you see on the internet. More over there may be million things you don’t like but there could be million you like. So choose wisely what to react and how to react. How part is more important. Listeners are more wise than speakers. It is just like, that someone else’s point of view might be a trolling for you similarly, your point of view might be a trolling for others. Everyone has legal liberty to express their point of view but till it does not heart other’s sentiments.

6) If you are victimized by trolling group act immediately and report this matter to police Cyber Cell wing without fail. Note down as much as details of people trolling you; their Name, Geographic location, Friend list from which you will surely find their relative or family members. Unfriend anyone in you friend list who has any kind of association with trolling group. Otherwise Cyber Cell is competent to trace those. Mind it wrong reporting might land you in trouble as well so be careful.

7) It just take less than a minute to block someone, so go ahead and do this if you don’t have time for anything else.


You might have your point of view, so please share it surely which might be helpful to someone.





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